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How To Resize Printables

Did you know that you can often purchase printables that don’t match the size of your planner? I know that many of the printables come in generic sizes such as A4 or Letter. I’m going to show you how you can resize your printables to fit your planner.

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Printing Onto Pre-Cut Paper (A5 and Larger)

This method is my preference. I purchase the paper that I want in A4 size, take it to my local stationery store who (for a reasonable fee) will trim it to size. When I get home, I have a nice stack of paper in the exact size I need.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that each printer will have different methods of doing the following steps. You will have to play with your own printers settings to figure this out. Some printers may not offer this feature.

In the example below, I am changing an A4 printable to the Classic Happy Planner size.

Step One

If you haven’t already done so, set up a custom paper size for the dimensions you need. The image below shows how I do this on my printer. In the properties dialogue box I select the drop down menu under ‘paper’.

Printer Dialogue Box

Then in the new dialogue box I tick ‘Create a New Form’ and fill in the required dimensions. I then click the ‘Save’ button.

Printer Dialogue Box

Step Two

After hitting the print button you will see a printing dialogue box. I click ‘Properties’ to change the printer settings.

Printer Dialogue Box

Step Three

In the Properties Dialogue Box I select the dropdown menu under paper. This gives me a list of page sizes to choose from. Since I’ve already set up ‘Classic HP’ in my printer, I can select this size to print on.

Printer Dialogue Box

You can see in the Advanced Paper Selection dialogue box that I’ve selected Classic HP. My printer has automatically changed the output size to 81% so that it prints correctly on Classic HP sized paper.

Printer Dialogue Box

Step Four

You can see in this image I’ve selected the ‘fit’ option. This will shrink the image to fit on Classic HP paper.

You can see the difference in the preview panel between using the ‘fit’ selection and not selecting that tool.

Printer Dialogue Box
Image One – ‘Fit’ option selected
Printer Dialogue Box
Image Two – ‘Fit’ option NOT selected

Step Five

Many printers today are duplex (print double sided) and will print A5 size and larger double sided. In this instance I would select print double sided (flip on long edge) to print these planner printables.

I strongly suggest that you print a small number of test pages when starting out until you’re confident with your printer settings.

Printing Onto Pre-Cut Paper (Smaller Than A5)

The following steps are for printers that don’t print double sided or for printing double sided on pages smaller than A5. This can be tricky as each printer will feed paper differently.

Follow steps 1-4 above then:

Step Five

You can see in the image below that I’ve selected ‘More Options’ and changed the drop down menu to ‘Odd pages only’.

Once the odd pages have printed:

  • Place your pages back into the printing tray. Mine go face down and top towards the back of the printer. Yours could be completely different.
  • In the printers dialogue box change ‘Odd pages only’ to ‘Even pages only’.

When you resize printables, there are some steps that take a bit of trial and error. This is the fiddly part where you have to work out which way to place your pages into your printer. Make sure you only use a small test sample so that you’re not wasting too much paper or printer ink.

Printer Dialogue Box

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Printing Onto A4 (or Letter) Size

If your preference is to print onto A4 or Letter size paper before trimming to size then you can resize printables using the steps below.

Once again, each printer will have different settings so you will have to work out the equivalent steps for your printer.

The image below is my printer dialogue box before I make any changes. If I left these settings in place I would be printing an A4 document onto A4 paper. Follow the steps below the image to alter this.

Printer Dialogue Box

In this first example I’m printing from A4 to A5. This is simple as it’s half the size.

Step One

You can see in the image below that I’ve selected the ‘Multiple’ button & the preview has changed to multiple images on one page. The pages per sheet defaults to 2 x 2.

Printer Dialogue Box

Step Two

I have changed the 2×2 to 2×1 and the page orientation to ‘Horizontal’. You can see in the preview panel that the printable is A5 size, with two on each page.

NOTE – If you are printing A6 you will select 2×2 and make sure that the orientation is set to portrait.

Printer Dialogue Box

Step Three

The last step in this instance is to print double sided. Make sure ‘flip on short edge’ is selected, otherwise the reverse pages will be upside down.

Printer Dialogue Box

The DIY Option

If you have tried everything and are ready to take to your computer or printer with a sledge hammer, there is another way.

You can design your own. It’s easier than you might imagine. I have a number of articles which will be linked at the bottom of this page that cover the different software options for designing your own printables. Some of those options are perfect for beginners. Other software programs require a steep learning curve. 

It might be worth considering designing your own printables. There are many benefits to this pathway.

Of course this is the perfect opportunity for a shameless plug – if you are interested in creating your own printables you might be interested in checking out my courses at BGL Planner School.

It’s definitely worth considering!

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Final Thoughts on How to Resize Printables

It isn’t easy to offer a tutorial on printing when each of us has a different setup. I hope you can use the steps above to help you resize printables.

If you are truly stuck, you have a few more options:

  1. Google It – Internet search engines are the best tool for finding specific information. I imagine that’s how you found this tutorial. When you search, be specific to your printer brand. If your search engine doesn’t help, perhaps try YouTube.
  2. Internet Search Option Two – Search for the support documents for your specific printer.
  3. Printer Manufacturer – Reach out to your printer manufacturer, either by email or phone.
  4. Social Media – There are many groups out there and the communities are a wealth of knowledge.

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