New Year - New Look 2019

I tried...

It turns out that photography isn't for me, and there comes a point when you have to move on. I'm not saying I won't re-visit the craft somewhere down the track but I couldn't stand to look at my product images any more. So hello Adobe Photoshop and digital editing. At least now my images are consistent and you can see the product details much more clearly.
With the new year, I've taken to opportunity to utilise the feedback I've received and take a good look at my product listings and not only cull, but re-invent, create, and update my inserts. I'm continuing to build and streamline my brand, listen to the planner world and hope to continue to bring you products that suit your planning style.
The descriptions in the listings address many of the questions that I'm continually asked - particularly dimensions and shipping issues and are hopefully more consistent and clear.

So What's Next?

I'm using the time I have off my 9-5 job over the Christmas Period to design new inserts and continue to update the old inserts. Keep your eyes open on our Facebook Group and Instagram to see all the upcoming new releases.

I'm continuing to listen to you to make sure I'm bringing products that you like. I've been doing quite a few custom orders for Dashboards and Dividers so I'm thinking of adding a variety of these to the product line-up.

I'd love to hear your ideas...



Don't forget the cute little freebie that goes out with all orders over $10.



I wish you all a happy and safe 2019.




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