My Preferred Planner Styles



The big question should I go with Ring, Disc, Spiral or TN?



 Spiral Bound Planners

My preference for style is for spiral bound planners as far as comfort goes. They are sturdy and comfortable to write in, they come in a variety of sizes and layouts and when you fold them back on themselves, the coil does not get in the way. This is why I designed my own health planner and took it to Officeworks to be spiral bound. This is also why I purchased my teacher planner from Whistle & Birch for 2019 - I'm so excited to use it, it's fabulous quality.

However, there are two problems with this style of planner that are significant enough to have me avoiding these planners.

  1. I still have not found a layout that suits me. I am fussy with my pages and I need to have what I need to have. It either does not have enough notes pages, it starts on a Monday or worse - the weekly pages start on a Monday but the monthly view starts on a Sunday - what's with that? I like to have the days of the week on one side and room for lists on the other side. I like a horizontal layout. It needs to be light enough and small enough for my bag and the list goes on. Even the shops that offer customisation, aren't quite right.
  2. I can't change my mind! I can't take out the pages and replace them with layouts I like, I can't add pages.

Now these are issues that you could get around. If I was determined enough. The problem is, once I decided what I liked and used it for a few weeks, I would no doubt find sections that I needed to add or change. Yep - I'm fussy.




 Ring Bound Planners

I use a Personal size Filofax to throw in my bag and take everywhere with me. It's very portable, I have the month layout exactly how I like it so I can plan way in advance, I only put a few months of weekly pages in at a time so that it doesn't get too heavy or full and I can change up the layout whenever I need to. At the moment I have my bills in there which I don't really use  on the go so I'll probably remove that and add it to my other planner that stays on my desk. I love having lined pages at the back so I can have a coffee and scribble out my groceries list. I love the sections that I can add ideas down as they occur to me. It's portable, sturdy, the leather feels beautiful and I love my Filofax.

The only downside that I have with the ring planners is that the rings can be too bulky. You can't lay it back on itself to minimise this issue. You can however, remove the pages to write on (if you're not too lazy like me).




 Disc Bound Planners

I have a hybrid Happy Planner that lives on my desk. None of the original inserts are left, I've completely revamped her with my own inserts. I purchased some covers and use them as dividers between the different sections. The disc planner is perfect for sitting at home on my desk. I don't have faith in the disc planner being sturdy enough to throw in my handbag. I've never actually tested this theory but I think I'd get the discs caught on everything and end up losing my car keys.It doesn't have the pockets that you get with the ring planner either - unless you add a cardboard one, which is not sturdy enough for me.


Travelers Notebook

I stole the image above from the Foxy Fix website (beautiful planners). I couldn't add my own because I've gifted all of them to friends.

This is my least favourite style of planner - although I've seen some absolutely beautiful setups. I've tried these in all sizes. They are not for me. I find them uncomfortable to write in, they never lay flat enough and they get too full of... stuff. I find them too pokey and cramped to write in and as someone who is not creative I need my boxes etc already set up. I know you can purchase some fantastic inserts that are already set up for weekly planning etc, but I don't want to have to keep purchasing them. I know that many people use their planners for journalling as well as planning. That is not my style, I don't journal, I just plan. When I'm done with the pages, I bin them. I did try keeping a journal a few times and... nope, I couldn't be bothered.

But I do love to be organised.

After all that babbling, ring and disc bound planners are for me. They are perfect for the way in which I plan.

There will be so many people out there who disagree and not only is that fine, it's wonderful. One of the best things about being a part of the global planning community is seeing all the beautiful and functional things that everyone does when they plan. The diversity keeps me inspired and looking to see what else I can do with my own planning.


Well, there is a little insight into my preference for planners.

What works for you? What do you like or dislike about certain planners? I'd love to see photos of any planner you have.

'Til next time.




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