How Many Planners Do You Use?


This was my year to be super organised. I had a planner for every aspect of my life: health, finance, my 9-5, my business and personal. I'm impressed with myself that it actually lasted a couple of months. January was good, February was OK, by March I was neglecting planning in all sorts of places and looking for a new approach. I just don't have the time or patience to maintain that many planners.

At the moment I'm pottering along nicely with my A5 rings. Weekly view on the left hand page and two to do lists and a notes section on the right. The to do sections cover things I have to get done personally and for the business each week and in the notes section I track my health and scribble anything important that pops up. I have a section for my finances and a section for my health goals etc. My 9-5 planner is working well, it just sits on my desk being all useful and pretty.



I have to admit, there is a new third player in my collection of functional planners. I got sick of lugging around a planner in my handbag so I went to Kikki-K during their sale and picked up the most useful little gem (images at top of post and below). It's simply a monthly planner, a perfectly portable size at 165 x 135 mm. It's light, has one month per view with room for notes and perfect for planning on the go. It doesn't have the daily details but I always write my daily To Do's on a piece of notepaper and take it with me everywhere, and this little monthly from Kikki-K has a pocket that is perfect for my To Do list.




The last thing that I have to admit to is playing with digital planning. I've downloaded Goodnotes onto my iPad Pro, purchased an apple pencil and I've really enjoyed designing the perfect digital planner for me. The problem I find is that it's just as bulky to carry around as my paper planners and I'm a paper girl at heart. But, I do love playing with new technologies and programs so I had to give it a go. If I was a digital girl this style of planning would be perfect. I'll pop some images below so you can see my first attempt (and most likely last) at digital planning.










All of the work you see is done with my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Keynote app and the Goodnotes app. The two exceptions are the beautiful spiral binding which I purchased on Etsy through Jenny Gollan Studio and the sneaker with I also purchased on Etsy through The Digi Rainbow. Each of the tabs are hyperlinked so if I touch any of the month tabs down the side it takes me straight to that monthly spread and I've inserted the weekly pages after that. The tabs at the top are hyperlinked to the pages as marked, so the 'Year' tab takes me to the full year at a glance layout.


As I said, it was fun and for those of you who are digitally inclined, once you overcome the learning curve this might be something for you. I couldn't tell you how many hours this took, but enough that my family was giving me grief about it :-) .

That all said - Give me a paper planner any day.



'Til Next Time

Lyndall xx

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