Evolving Planner Life

I have found acceptance with my ever-changing planner style!

Until recently my search for what the planner community refers to as 'planner peace' has been filled with tension, angst and has driven me completely bonkers. OK, this is a slight exaggeration on my endless search for the elusive peace, but I have found that peace, or at least acceptance that my styles and preferences will evolve as I grow and learn more about what is possible with my planners. My approach and layouts will change as my life and tastes change.

My search has slowed over time as my style has narrowed and I learn what is working for me and what isn't.

  • I know that I prefer Personal Rings for my 'handbag' planner.
  • I know that the Whistle and Birch Teacher planner is both beautiful and sturdy enough for my teaching gig (seriously, I can't say enough wonderful things about this planner).
  • I love the disc system for my health planner. I use the black quilted snap on cover with black discs and it is very sturdy - yet flexible. I love the ability to change out the pages or sections from time-to-time.
  • It's my desk planner - the one with 'all the things' that I change regularly. This year I have tried a personalised Agendio. I do love the layout and the rings are not as large and cumbersome as the Erin Condren Life Planner. I just can't justify the cost when there are so many fantastic planner suppliers and insert makers in Australia. And I do love my A5 rings, they are so adaptable. So I keep coming back to my A5 rings. The binder changes, the layout changes, the sections change - but the size stays the same. It doesn't take up too much room on my desk, it fits nicely on the shelf next to my desk, I can change anything in it at any time and it owns a piece of my heart.

For those of you who are curious about a planner that is a reasonable size but portable, consider personal size ring planners. I have the Webster's Pages personal sized ring planner in periwinkle. I just love the colour and the word - periwinkle :-). This size is great for my handbag - it doesn't get lost among the rest of the very important items that I throw in my handbag but it is small enough that it doesn't add much extra weight to carry around. It's great to see at a glance any appointments that I have coming up. I work casually so I can refer to it on the go when making appointments to see when I'm working. The weekly section is important to me, but it's the monthly section where I can see the current month all in one view that I use the most. For those of you who are going to ask me where I got the dots - Studio Kylie, who has now closed up shop - I don't know what I'll do when I run out of those dots. The only thing that I don't adore about this planner is the gold rings - I'm a silver girl at heart.





She is sturdy and takes a real beating while she floats about in my handbag but stays beautiful and fills me with joy each time I reach for her. I don't really embellish her. I am a functional, practical planner. The dividers are left-over from an old Kikki-K (I may change that one day) and the notes pages are mostly just mis-prints or blank personal size paper punched to fit. I rarely use stickers, just occasionally to mark the odd birthday so I don't forget.


I have set up my A5 ring planner that pretty much lives on my desk at home similar to the hobonichi style. It has plenty of room on the left for appointments, tasks etc and the right hand page is perfect for me to have all my to do sections. I live by to do lists. I usually have one for my business, one for my day job, a general to do list of stuff that needs to be done each week. I have a section on the notes page that covers my health plan for the week and I can't live without my section for 'next week', I love knowing what the big ticket items are for next week so that I'm prepared. I'm not a fan of being unorganised, or surprises.



So if you are one of the many planners who are struggling to find peace with your planner style or size, your layout or any other aspect of planning, I'd love to hear where your journey has taken you.

The only advice that I have is to enjoy the journey and do your best not to spend too much money :-)

'Til Next Time

Happy Planning





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