About Blue Gum Lane

At its core, Blue Gum Lane was created for planners by a planner. I offer tools, advice and tutorials on everything related to planners, including how to use a planner, deciding which style is right for you and how you can create your own. Planning is a powerful skill and planners are a great tool for planning your best life.

Here, you will find support tools and information to help you better manage your time and priorities. You will find:

  • A wide variety of printables
  • Advice on how to improve your planning routine and organising your life
  • Tutorials on how to create your own planners or planner accessories
  • Reviews on planner related tools, accessories and more.
Monthly planner with pencil and sticky notes

About Lyndall Gale

Head Shot - Lyndall Gale
Lyndall Gale
Founder of Blue Gum Lane

Hi there,

I’m Lyndall Gale – librarian, planner expert and a self-confessed book nerd.

Welcome to Blue Gum Lane and all things planning. I am here to support you in achieving your dreams and living your best life through beautiful, functional planning.

Most days see me either working as a Teacher Librarian or pottering away on my computer at  home writing about planning or designing tools to support planners as they strive to achieve their best life.


How Did Blue Gum Lane Come To Life?

I was born with a muddled brain. This, along with the fact that I love reading is what first led me to the career of librarian. To combine my love of reading along with an organised system for filing simply felt like a happy place for me. Organising, filing and keeping things in order led me to the world of planning. Once all of the items in my life were organised and in their place, I then needed to organise my brain and my life. Planning is the perfect toll for keeping me on track and moving forward in all areas of my life.

My interests in maintaining an orgnaised life, in order to reduce chaos and anxiety also brought me into the world of planning and to the creation of Blue Gum Lane. In addition to using planners as a way to give my life direction and to organise the day-to-day activities, I still fall back to planning for creating inner peace and quiet time for myself when needed.

I design and create tools that will support you in your journey towards living your best life. I believe in keeping things simple and functional, but not at the cost of style. I am fortunate to have discovered the amazing, global planner community and to be a part of it. Like most of you, I am a work in progress and I hope to use my experience and skills to support others as I develop my own and continue to learn. I will use everything that I have learnt along the way to support others, like you, in walking their own path in becoming the most fulfilled version of themselves.


On a More Personal Note…

I am known to enjoy a pot of tea or two and I also enjoy a good (or even average) book. In fact, when I’m not focused on work you will most likely find me with a teacup in one hand and a book in the other. Most often with a fur baby or three snuggled around me.

If you have read this far, perhaps we are kindred spirits. You are welcome to use any of the social media icons dotted around the place to connect with me or flick me an email with any feedback or suggestions.

Once again, welcome to Blue Gum Lane. I am excited to have you here.


Happy Planning


Lyndall x